Sabihah Stars | About Us

LauraLaura started Ballet dancing at the age of three and by the age of six started Tap and Modern dance achieving Royal Academy certification in ballet and ISTD recognised exams in tap and modern dance.

In early 2008, Laura turned to belly dancing and hasn't looked back. Laura has learnt from world renowned Sadie, Mercedes Nieto, Fleur Estelle, Melissa Bellydance to name a few,

Sabihah Stars was formed in 2011 and Laura is the Director and Choreographer of the troupe. During Laura's time with Sabihah Stars she has performed at many high profile corporate and private parties and events including African Revival at the Landmark Hotel, the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage, Studio Valbonne Save the Children event, Race for Life, Olympic Torch and  at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for both Olympic and Paralympic games.Laura has also performed internationally in Portugal and Finland.

Laura enjoys bringing her mix of traditional and commercial belly dance to her belly dance fusion classes in Stevenage,  Hertfordshire and formely taught in London Belly Dance Hip Hop for Fleur Estelle Dance School..  

KateKate has been dancing in various forms for 10 years, with belly dance becoming her passion Previously Kate was involved in Street Dance performances in Hertfordshire, and has been involved in annual dance weekends that provide experience in salsa, hip hop and modern dance.
Kate joined Sabihah Stars in 2011, after dancing as part of Laura's dance school for 2 years. Her passion for belly dance shows in the number of performances that she's taken part in including private parties and coporate events, local events and charity events for Race for Life and Save the Children.









Kirstie has been involved in belly dance fusion since 2010, and having experienced this wonderful form of dancing that expresses femininity and fun, she has found her passionate and subsequently performed in a range of private and local events.

Kirstie has a varied dance background, having attended ballet lessons when younger and subsequently various ballroom, street and hip-hop dance classes. She has also been taught at the Karen Hardy dance studios in Chelsea.
Having been to fitness fiesta and fit fantastic weekends to attend the dance classes for a decade now, she has been taught by the likes of Kenrick Sandy, Angie Bunch, Tony Stone other dance teachers at the forefront of their field.

Kirstie is passionate about dancing to fun and expressive choreographies to chart hits, Arabic pop songs and traditional belly dance songs and is known for her strong isolations and shimmies.

Performance highlights include, African Revival at the Landmark hotel,Olympic Torch relay,  Variety Night - Gordon Craig Theatre, Race for Life for Cancer Research, Turning on Christmas Lights and Jack FM Radio Station stage event.


NadiaNadia is a graceful dancer and is known for her elegant veil performances. She joined Sabihah Stars in 2011 after dancing with Laura's student troupe for 2 years, and has performed in a wide variety of events. 
Nadia's passion for belly dance started at an early age as her Middle Eastern heritage means that she has grown up listening to and dancing to traditional Arabic music. She now enjoys taking the traditional belly dance style and blending it with contemporary chart music to create exciting belly dance fusions.